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Customized Candles


Customize your candle by selecting your choice of:

  • Vessel

  • Fragrance of candle (refer to the 'Shop' page to get fragrance details of the available fragrances)

  • Fragrance category if no specific fragrance is selected.  Our team will select a respective fragrance from the category.  It may be a new fragrance that we have not launched.

  • Wick type

7oz. Tin Vessels - 9 colors to choose

Customized Candles - Tin Vessels

14oz. Teal Tin Vessel

Customized Candle -14oz Teal Tin Vessel

14 oz. White Ceramic & Gold Decagon Vessel

Customized Candles -14oz. White Ceramic & Gold Decagon Vessel

10 oz. Thick Glass Gemstone Vessels - 4 colors to choose

Customized Candle - 10oz. Thick Glass Gemstone Vessel

8oz. Periwinkle Glass w/Bamboo Lid

Customized Candles - 8oz Periwinkle Glass Vessel

14 oz. Straight Side Glass Vessel w/Purple Flat Lid

Customized Candle - 14 oz. Straight Side Glass Vessel

12oz. Apothecary Glass Vessel w/Silver Flat Lid

Customized Candle - 12oz. Apothecary Vessel

9oz. Silver Glass Vessel w/o Lid

Customized Candle - 9oz. Silver Vessel

6oz. Paisley Tin Vessels - 4 designs to choose

6oz. Silver Tin Vessel

Customized Candles - 6oz. Paisley Tin Vessels
Customized Candles - 6oz. Silver Tin Vessel
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