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Our Story

Hey there!  My name is April Flowers and I'm originally from Columbus, Ohio, graduated from The Ohio State University and currently reside in North Carolina.  I have been a candle fanatic for several years and have purchased various brands and fragrances from multiple vendors.  Since the onset of the Coronavirus in 2020, being quarantined led me to the idea of creating candles.  Because I am a caregiver to my mother with dementia, whom lives with me, creating candles became my outlet.  My mother also assists by testing the fragrances and packaging.  Involving my mother really benefits her as well because dementia patients need to feel needed and kept busy.   

    As I research the various wax and fragrance manufacturers,  I am conscious about the chemical composition that comprises the various wax and fragrances.  Therefore, I ensure the various vendors that I patronize provide the safety data sheet of their products.  The fragrances I use in my candles are Phthalate Free and the majority of my candles are vegan or natural blend.  

Thank you for taking interest in my journey and I hope you enjoy our products! 💜✨🙏🏽 

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